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Digital Hymn Player

Worship Anywhere!

Full Orchestral sound - or simple organ/piano on any hymn 

Adjust the sound of your favorite hymns by choosing an infinite number of different tempos, pitch, and even moods with:

Variable Tempo
Variable Pitch
Variable balance
Play any hymn with choice of 100 instruments
16-channel (full orchestra) sound
Self-contained or use outside amplifier
USB connectivity

Why have thousands of churches, missionaries, and lay people bought Gloria instead of MP3 players or CDs?

When singing a hymn at church, in a small group, at a hospital bedside, at a funeral, etc., you need to be able to adjust the music to fit the occasion.  For instance Amazing Grace sung in church may be very different than the same hymn sung at the bed of someone in the hospital.  You may want exuberance in church but melancholy at bedside - something impossible with MP3 or CD recordings.Now you can change the sound of your favorite hymns and praise songs to suit your group and your mood.  A CD or MP3 recording plays one version of instruments, tempo, pitch, and mood.  With Gloria3 you can do likewise, or adjust each and every hymn to suit your own or your congregation's taste.

MP3 or CD
Adjust volume of hymn
Adjust volume of individual instruments
Change Speed (Tempo)
Change Pitch (Key)
Substitute any of 100 instruments for any part
Hold any note (sustain)
Listen to each part (i.e. tenor) by itself for practice
yes no
Set different volumes for each part yes no
Set music mood (mellow, festive, etc.) yes no
Accompany your live instrumentalists using only the instruments you need yes no